Protection animaux

Protection animaux ou les droits animaux selon le Code international, malheureusement, ce document est uniquement disponible en anglais, de façon temporaire car nous travaillons actuellement sur la traduction.

Individual Cremation

Also known as Private Cremation. The term Cremation generally invokes the image of the individual service - the equivalent of the human crematorium.

Clients are entitled to expect their pets be handled on their own and cremated singly within the cremation unit.

The cremains should all be recovered and identified for return, scattering or burial and there should be no danger of any mixing of cremains.

People may request this type of cremation even though they do not want the cremains returned simply for the individual handling.

Owners may wish to witness the start of the cremation or even be present for the whole process.

Communal Cremations

  1. Communal Cremation

  2. For the true communal cremation service pets are handled respectfully within the limits of practicality, with care extending to the placing of the pets in the crematorium chamber.

    The cremains are collected and then scattered or buried in memorial areas. Cremains from communal cremations should not be returned to pet owners since there are no means of separation and each pet owner must be assured their cremains will be treated as stated.

  3. Communal Cremation with Separation

  4. Several pets may be placed into the cremation chamber with some form of separation.

    They may be on trays, a line of fire bricks placed between them, or be a reasonable distance apart.

    At the end of the cremation the cremains are removed one at a time. While precautions may be taken to prevent mixing of cremains, the clients should always be aware of rthe high probability of mixing and be prepared to accept this.

    For these clients this provides a less expensive way of having a significant portion of their pet's ashes returned than by individual cremation.

    Pet owners are advised to carefully check the crematorium's procedures before agreeing to a service.

    We do not recommend this service as it is difficult to set any definite procedures for protecting the pet owner.

Disposal By Incineration and/or Landfill

Although few disposal companies will admit it, this is the service that the majority of pets will end up with - despite any wishes of the owners.

This procedure typically involves the mass collection of pets in a van of box truck without any special handling, followed by incineration.

The cremains of the entire un-incinerated body are disposed of, the majority of the time at a landfill.

Many people have no objections to this service as it provides a simple disposal option.

However, it will often be described as mass, routine or communal cremation, but has little to do with the correct procedure for those services.

The situation is not helped by companies telling veterinarians and staff to use the term cremation rather than incineration so as to not upset their clients.

Pet cremation laws, sadly enough, under many jurisdictions pets and their mortal remains are classified as waste.

According to Quebec Law, deceased companion animals are classified as waste along with road-kill, livestock, and animal medical waste.

In order to operate crematory equipment for the puposes of cremating companion animals in the province of Quebec, the operator only needs a permit from the Ministry of Environment.

Many firms tout their permits as a form of mandatory licensing for cremation services when in fact they are not required for the dignified cremation of animals, but rather exclusively for the disposal of animal waste.

Most owners would not want their pets' bodies to be dealt with along with commercial refuse.

Cremation and Burial are personal, specialized processes that are a far cry from the incineration or landfill disposal of throw away waste.

Due to a general lack of legal definitions in many jurisdictions across North America, waste disposal firms claim to offer cremation services for pet owners.

These are often carried out under appealing names which belie the true natures of the operations.

We highly recommend that all clients thoroughly investigate the firms they choose to deal with. Learn more about the laws applied in the province of Quebec.

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